To empower firefighters and other first responders to be prepared and equipped to address pets and livestock encountered in emergencies and disasters. BART serves to honor the human-animal bond and preserve human health, safety and well-being.


Tiny_pupA tiny pup, who tumbled into a sewage

drainage pipe in Brooklyn, New York, was saved thanks to the combined efforts of firefighters and an excavation crew who answered a desperate plea for help, reported Friday’s publication of the Star Tribune. The three-month-old teacup Yorkshire terrier named “Bailey,” fell into harm’s way after stepping on i use it an uncovered sewer line in the yard in front of his home.

The pup, who belongs to Edward and http://biofuelwatch.org.uk/levitra-dose Lille Sayles, was out of the reach of cialis without perscription helping hands and he did not come when called. A crew with the viagra generique Buffalo Fire Department responded and they attempted to coax Bailey out; when that failed, they turned to http://redevgroup.com/levitra-overnight-delivery workers with Hannah Demolition for help, reported Buffalo News.

With the help of an excavator, rescuers were able to dig around the pipe to access the trapped puppy and bring him up to safety. Though Bailey was a bit wet and grimy from his unexpected adventure, he was otherwise okay and happy to be out of the pipe and back in the loving arms of his family.

Article courtesy of Penny Eims – Dog News Examiner from Examiner.com.



Nationally Approved

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has approved both BART curriculums as state-sponsored courses. These BART courses fulfill the requirements of the Pets Evacuation and i recommend Transportation Standards (PETS) Act enacted by Congress in 2006. DHS approved BART courses set the national standard for the way pets and livestock are addressed in emergencies and disasters.


National Expansion

BART has received training requests from multiple states and is in the process of expanding its training program. Programs have already been established in Iowa and Oklahoma. In order to bring BART to your state, we need the support of http://excusemeletmespeak.com/cialis-order First Responders, Charitable Foundations, and the Veterinary Medical Profession.


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